In August 2011, a small group of citizens conceived the idea of forming an independent foundation for the purpose of privately funding activities aimed at enriching the educational experience of students. We believe our children are our future and building a solid academic foundation is key to their success. The timing of our initiative could not have been better, with the ongoing budget cuts placed upon the schools and the increased standards for students and teachers. Programs and activities that the schools previously financed are being left behind in the effort to be financially sound. These changes will alter our students education. As a foundation we aim to build communication within our community and raise awareness of our school needs while improving academic and educational opportunities.

Board Officers:

President – Elisa Rogowski

Vice President – Keli Ankney

Secretary – Chelsea Bradley


Treasurer – Jill Lawalin

School Board Representative – Judy Misiniec


NHJ Educational Foundation
802 S. Indian Creek Drive
Trafalgar, IN 46181